Sunday, June 25, 2006

Extinctionism and Religion

AussieGirl at Ultima Thule writes about apocalyptic environmentalism, a very relevent topic here at the sanitarium where the gathering dangers of Extinctionism are an ongoing preoccupation. Her take is from the religious rather than the political angle, and if anything I think that makes Extinctionism even scarier. Religious fanatics are usually a crazy lot, whether they believe in the Book of Revelation, Xenu, or Global Climate Change. And crazy people are much more likely to do something, well, crazy. Like, say, try and wipe out the species with airborne ebola.

And lest you think she's just a crazy blogger like me, her post includes most of an article from the Economist - not a magazine noted for it's wild flights of fancy. Here's a taste:

Science treasures its own apocalypses. The modern environmental movement appears to have borrowed only half of the apocalyptic narrative. There is a Garden of Eden (unspoilt nature), a fall (economic development), the usual moral degeneracy (it's all man's fault) and the pressing sense that the world is enjoying its final days (time is running out: please donate now!). So far, however, the green lobby does not appear to have realised it is missing the standard happy ending. Perhaps, until it does, environmentalism is destined to remain in the political margins. Everyone needs redemption.

In the comments, Gormless Norman is the first to suggest that that redemption could be extinction.


Blogger Lady Hawk said...

Thank you for answering a queston I have had for weeks. I wondered why global warming and greenhouse gasses excited the liberal camp so much. I could not understand why it is a political issue. It is a perverse religion that liberals have knowledge about the end of the world. Jesus said only the Father knows. Liberals think they know the mind of God, though they do not believe in Him.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Don't thank me; thank AussieGirl!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady Hawk,

You read Anne Coulter books, are a card carrying member of the NRA, and you're a christian! I'm so sick of the typical right wing-left wing crap! Come up with something original, or keep it to yourself.

11:38 PM  
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