Saturday, June 17, 2006

Links to Random (mostly science-related) Stuff That Caught My Fancy

A journalism grad student posts about his thesis research into scientology. The youtube video is pretty lame, but the flash animation is pretty cool. It didn't teach me much I didn't already know, but the more people who tell the truth about this abonimable cult the better.

It seems Broca's area is important, not just for language processing, but also for the general executive functions involved in planning.

Graham's Number makes my head hurt.

Chimps and humans made booty calls on each other during their long evolutionary breakup.

Novamente (who I've never heard of before) has a plan to build human level AI within six years. Possible? Maybe. Likely? I'd bet no.

It seems the Milky Way is actually a barred spiral.

Did Native Americans record a supernova? Certainly technology is no prerequisite for fascination with weird goings-on in the night sky.

Planemos - basically superjovians that float freely through space, with no parent star - might spawn their own planetary systems.


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