Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Heartening Essay Out of Lebanon

If this voice from Lebanon can be trusted ... well, it's very reassuring. Here's a taste:

Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I pray that no one puts an end to the Israeli attack before it finishes shattering the terrorists. I pray that the Hebrew soldiers will penetrate all the hidden recesses of southern Lebanon and will hunt out, in our stead, the vermin that has taken root there. Like the overwhelming majority of Lebanese, I have put the champagne ready in the refrigerator to celebrate the Israeli victory.

But contrary to them – and to paraphrase Michel Sardou [a French singer. Translator’s note] –, I recognize that they are also fighting for our liberty, another battle “where you were not present”! And in the name of my people, I wish to express my infinite gratitude to the relatives of the Israeli victims – civilian and military – whose loved ones have fallen so that I can live standing upright in my identity. They should know that I weep with them.

As for the pathetic clique that thrives at the head of my country, it is time for them to understand that after this war, after our natural allies have rid us of those who are hindering us from rebuilding a nation, a cease-fire or an armistice will not suffice. To ensure the future of Lebanon, it is time to make peace with those we have no reason to go to war against. In fact, only peace will ensure peace. Someone must tell them because in this country we have not learnt what a truism is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt, 24 year old Canadian, currently living in Japan, you have no right to call yourself Lebanese. As a Lebanese who lives in Lebanon and has witnessed the atrocious civilian massacres that the Israeli army has performed on my people, I cannot see how you can think that the majority of Lebanese share your opinion. Too bad your Champaign may turn bad before you ever get the chance to celebrate any Israeli victory.

3:32 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Huh? When the hell did I claim to be Lebanese?

4:44 AM  

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