Thursday, August 10, 2006

Prelude to War

This article at the New York Sun, Prelude to War by John Batchelor, is really good. In it, he asks "Why is America waiting to be attacked by Iran?" He draws a direct parallel with Pearl Harbor, noting that before that grim day, the American people appeared to sense the approaching storm, but no one wanted to come out and say that war was inevitable. Or, perhaps more accurately, no one wanted America to be the country that threw the first punch.

Me, I've got a feeling that sometime in the next couple of years, nukes will be used in war for the first time. It's not even necessary for the Iranians to finish theirs'; Pakistan's got lots, and that whole country's just one strongman away from Islamic theocracy. Then there's the legendary missing Russian nukes.

Once some Islamic nutter lets off a Bomb, the gloves will come off. Mark my words. It'll be on then, bitches. You think you've seen what happens when the Yanks really get pissed? They lost two buildings, and proceeded to take down two countries. Care to bet on what'll happen when the map has a big hole where a city's supposed to be?

If the Iranians had any sense of history they'd back down, now, before things get serious. I don't expect them too. War's a hormonal thing, which is why they're never over 'til they're over.


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